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3 important steps to begin cookie decorating

Sugar cookie decorating is one of my favorite hobbies!  I made this set for a friend’s baby shower.  Her family loves the outdoors and she created an adorable nursery with birch trees, woodland animals, all sorts of cuteness!

So when I found those arrow, dream catcher, and tee-pee stencils from The Cookie Countess, I knew I had to order them.

I began cookie decorating as a creative outlet and a way to make some money while my husband was between jobs.  It blossomed into a true passion!  If you are at all interested, I would encourage you to look at the following two websites.  I have learned so much from their tutorials, recipes, YouTube videos, and more!

3 steps to begin cookie decorating:

  1. Make sure you have a good sugar cookie recipe!  You can make the most beautiful sugar cookies in the world, but if they don’t taste good, people will be disappointed.  A good sugar cookie will hold its shape while baking.  I also prefer a recipe that does not require chilling.  My favorite sugar cookie recipe comes from Katrina from In Katrina’s Kitchen.  It is tasty, simple, and always rolls out nicely!
  2. Research royal icing consistencies.  There are many different consistencies for icing that will give you different effects: Flood consistency, medium consistency, stiff consistency, 10 second icing, 15 second icing…the list goes on.  Begin with researching making a good flood consistency, as this is the base layer of icing that you will apply and let set to get that nice, smooth, glossy finish. (Sweet Ambs has a great article about this!)
  3. Be PATENT! Getting the right consistencies and techniques takes a lot of time and practice.  There are many different tools and tricks to try out.  Don’t be afraid to play around until you find what works best for you.  For example, I prefer icing bags because of the control I have as I am decorating.  But many bakers prefer squeeze bottles.
    • By the way, patience will always be a necessity when working with royal icing.  Many people do not realize just how much time these cookies take to make simply because of drying time!  I usually let the first layer (flood layer) dry overnight before applying the decorations on top.
3 steps to begin cookie decorating


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