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3 ways to entertain a toddler with PIPE CLEANERS!

How do I entertain a toddler?!

Life with a toddler is CRAZY sometimes.  Fun, adorable, exhausting, … and crazy!  Are you in need of a few simple activities to entertain your toddler?  These three activities are super easy to put together and have each entertained my toddler for 20+ minutes each!

#1: Parmesan Cheese Container

For this activity, save an empty parmesan cheese container, cut a handful of pipe cleaners in half, and you are good to go!  We brought this one along for my oldest’s swimming lessons.  She enjoyed pulling and shaking the pipe cleaners out of the big hole.  Then I opened up the shaker side and she used those fine motor skills to poke them back in.  30 minutes of entertainment!

#2: Colander

This one is less portable, but still a good one!  I pulled out a small colander and showed her how to poke the pipe cleaners through the holes.  My older daughter may have enjoyed this one even more then my toddler!

pipe cleaner art

#3 Paint

I completely forgot to get pictures of my little ones during this activity, but here are the final products!  I cut the pipe cleaners in half and bent them to provide a handle.  Then we dipped the pipe cleaners in paint and had so much fun!  

This was a Fourth of July project originally.  I got the idea to make firework pictures from Where Imagination Grows.  The pictures turned out so cute!  And they had so much fun that I know we will pull the pipe cleaners out again soon.

What other tricks have you found to entertain a toddler? Share in the comments!

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