back to school cookies

Back to School Cookies

These back to school cookies make a great teacher gift!

It seems like the back to school supplies are hitting shelves earlier every year!  I was totally caught off guard walking into Walmart last week to see the shelves stocked with pencils, paper, markers…all the supplies!

To celebrate the season here are some adorable Back to School cookies!  Wouldn’t these make a wonderful teacher gift?  Or a cute surprise for your child’s lunch box?

To make these:

1. Mix up some flood consistency icing in the following colors: white, black, yellow, tan, and pink.

2. Pipe your flood consistency icing.  For the pencils, make sure to drag some of the yellow into the tan while the icing is still wet.  This gives the little points and is a great detail!

3. Allow the cookies to dry several hours.  I usually leave them overnight.

4. I used a food color pen to give the detail on the pencil and paper cookies.  They are one of my favorite decorating tools! 

4. Have some piping consistency icing ready in white, and grey.  Use these colors to add the metal detail on the pencil and Thank You plaques.

5. For the chalkboard effect I followed Sweet Amb’s tutorial. It was time consuming, but once I got the hang of the effect it turned out so nice!

What are you doing to prepare for the Back to School season?

Back to school cookies


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