grace in motherhood

Giving yourself grace in motherhood

or that time your child’s devotional book had a message for YOU!  

As mothers we place a lot of pressure on ourselves.  And on those days that we feel as though we are not measuring up, we have a wonderful gift stretched out to us.  GRACE!  Here is a story of one of those days…

Grace in Motherhood

It has happened several times since we’ve started our Breakfast and Bible routine:  Little Love thoroughly enjoys reading the simple story and bible verse that accompanies it.  BUT, often times the deep spiritual message is truly a message for me!  

Today was one of those days.  The story was titled “Push Ahead.” Its message was about not letting bad days hold us back.  God does not hold onto our mistakes and lord them over us.  So let’s make amends and move forward to better days!

"Here is the one thing I do, I forget what is behind me. I push hard toward what is ahead of me." Philippians 3:13

Sounded great at breakfast time!  Fast forward about two hours.  Littlest Love was taking her morning nap.  I was having one of those I-hope-I-make-it-to-bedtime kind of days.  Anyone relate?

I pulled out a number line BINGO game I had printed the night before.  I told myself that we would just play a little and make it fun.  But then my evil twin took over…body, mind, and mouth!

Instead of being light hearted when Little Love pretended to not know how to count to 10, it enraged me!  I was listening to myself raise my voice at her and wondering why I was making it such a big deal?  This was just a game!  But I didn’t stop myself, I just let the evil, harsh, and unkind words pour out of my mouth. 

The exchange ended with me telling her we needed to stop the game, and that I needed some space.  So she reluctantly played while I unloaded the dish washer, a million fears filling my head.  This is not the type of learning environment I want to create for my daughter.  If I can’t handle playing a simple game like this with her, how in the world am I going to successfully homeschool her?  Will she end up hating learning and me?  Should I give up before I even start?

Then a sweet, small voice called out softly from the other room.  “I’m sorry, Mommy.”  I dropped what I was doing and immediately scooped her up in a big hug and a long cuddle on the couch.

I told her that I was so, so sorry for losing my patience with her.  And that she is so smart! I tried to explain why I get frustrated when she pretends to not know something I know she is capable of.

Suddenly I remembered our devotional from that morning.  Instead of allowing this mistake to dictate my decisions and shake my confidence, I need to remember the power of forgiveness.  God went to amazing lengths to forgive me, sending his son to take my place.  And now I have the opportunity to teach my sweet daughters about forgiveness.  Forgiving each other, but also forgiving me!

We ended up watching YouTube videos about random things she wanted to know about.  (How do you make glass?  What’s inside a computer?…) And now I know that when I am feeling that desperate, all alone, just get me through the day feeling, I need to find some simple, relaxing, and enjoyable activities.  These are not the days to introduce new topics, skills, or games.  These are the days to let my little ones lead the activities and remember that learning happens everyday, all day.  Not just during structured activities.

What do you do on days that your patience is thin and you are tempted to simply count down the minutes until bedtime?

grace in motherhood

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