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Homeschooling Kindergarten: Day 1

Today we officially began homeschooling Kindergarten!  It was not exactly the big celebration kick off I had imagined a few months ago.  But as I sit here now, I am glad it was a nice, relaxing, pretty normal day for us!

Why start so early, it’s only July!?  Well, I am currently planning to be a year-round homeschooler.  This way we can take more frequent breaks and have some more flexibility.  I only plan to homeschool 4 days a week, using Fridays to either rest, do something fun and adventurous, or catch up on things we did not complete.

What did you love so much? I loved that learning happened all day long: in our pajamas, in-between games of dress up and tent building, during lunch, after nap…  It was simply our lives with some really great experiences thrown in!  

The curriculum we are using is the Charlotte-Mason-Inspired-Kindergarten-Curriculum from A Humble Place. It is loosely based around the (free!) curriculum from Ambleside Online.  Now, I am a Charlotte Mason newbie for sure!  I have much research to do before I commit to this style of homeschooling.  However, I love the music, poetry, art, and the list of books included in this curriculum.  Titles like Winnie-the-Pooh and Beatrix Potter are classics that I am excited to introduce my children to.  Another I am enjoying is 50 Famous People, which is a free download on Kindle! 

I have made a few substitutions based on availability of materials.  For example, I could not find the suggested poetry titles for an affordable price, so I ordered the Julie Andrew’s Collections of Poems, Songs, and Lullabies.  The illustrations are beautiful.  Also, it includes an audio CD, perfect for giving Little Love some variety.

**I’ve linked the book above from Amazon, but I actually found a gently used copy from for a great price. (This link will take you to a page that will get us both a 15% off coupon on your book order!)

We are starting slow, so we did some reading, copy work, and a short history lesson today.  I may squeeze in a Mathseeds lesson this afternoon (another substitution I made, as we already have a subscription to both Reading Eggs and Mathseeds!).

As we move along I am planning to add in the Hymns, folksongs, composer and artist studies as detailed in the curriculum.  But for now I am basking in the relaxed, joy filled, educational day we had!


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