DIY homeschool calendar

How to make a DIY Homeschool Calendar

When I was a classroom teacher I had a very cute, frog themed calendar set that I used to teach calendar skills every morning to my elementary aged students.  Now that I am a homeschooler, I wanted something similar, but could not imagine using something quite as BIG in my own home.  

DIY Homeschool Calendar to the rescue!

After a long search I found an adorable Story Time Calendar set from Warm Hearts Publishing that I just love. Each month is themed with a different Fairy Tale, which is going to suit my five year old just fine!  And the pieces are small enough to fit everything on a 20″ x 30″ foam board from The Dollar Tree!

DIY Homeschool Calendar

I began my DIY homeschool calendar by printing all of the pieces I wanted to include:

  • Months
  • Years
  • Days of the week
  • Yesterday, today, and tomorrow pieces
  • Seasons
  • White numbers (the set includes multiple colors which I plan to use when we play with patterns!)
  • Holiday cards
  • Weather pieces

I printed them on white card stock and laminated them.

Once all the pieces were assembled I gathered some Washi Tape and marked off a large grid for the dates. (Susan at Warm Hearts Publishing includes directions for a few different ways to assemble her product, including dimensions for a grid that will fit the date cards.) Lay out the numbers on your grid and mark between with a pencil.  Then use your pencil marks as a guide to lay your washi lines straight.

Getting it all to stick...

After searching for a while for the best deal on velcro dots, it turned out my husband had a whole stash of them!  If I had ordered some, I don’t think I would have picked ones that are so big, but as we already had them, these worked perfectly!

DIY Homeschool Calendar

I stuck everything down with velcro dots so that it could be rearranged as needed.  To make sure everything ended up centered I stuck the two sides together and placed the dots in the center of the card I was assembling first.  Then stuck the whole thing onto the appropriate section of the board.

The Dollar Tree also had these removable stickers for sale next to the foam board.  I thought I would try them out.  Turns out they are removable, as I had to reposition them a few times!  I used them as a template to write the words “Month”, “Year”, and “Season” as a guide for my girls.

I used the same stickers as a template for the Weather and Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow sections.

DIY Homeschool Calendar

This pink coupon organizer I found at Publix is perfect for storing all of the pieces. Here is my oldest updating our calendar for the day!  I’d love to see your DIY Homeschool Calendar solutions!  Head on over to my Facebook page to share!

DIY Homeschool Calendar


  • Bethany Stump

    Loving your version of homeschooling. I currently work at a public school and am considering homeschooling in the Fall (it would be 1st grade and Pre-K). I am lucky that my sister already homeschools, lives 10 min. away and has kids in the same grade levels, but I’d love to have some sense of what “my version” would be like. This is so simple yet comprehensive. Thanks for sharing your talents!

    • Faith Family and Frosting

      Thank you, Bethany! I’m so glad that you found this post helpful. I also taught in the public school system for about 7 years. I’m loving being able to use my love of teaching at home with my family! Good luck on your homeschooling adventure. I’m glad you have a support system already in your sister. That is the most important part, to me.

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