Simple Laundry Hack

My Simple Laundry Hack!

How one simple hack has made laundry day fun for my whole family!

Ah, laundry…my old nemesis!  I will say that Laundry and I are not exactly best friends.  But we are working on our relationship!  I do not have any help for you today about the actual washing and drying.  But for me that was never the struggle.  I break down at the putting away phase.  But thanks to this idea (of my husband’s!) laundry day has become one filled with giggles and happiness!

If you have young kids at home, you know the struggle of chores.  What chores should they help with?  When should they start?  What chores are age appropriate and what is better for me to just handle on my own?

My oldest, Little Love, has been helping us put away her laundry since she was 2.  And now that Littlest Love is quickly approaching that same age I have two little helpers on my hands.

Are you ready for my simple laundry hack?

Simple Laundry Hack
Simple Laundry Hack

Play strollers, shopping carts, anything that can hold laundry and has wheels!

When its time to put laundry away, I tell the girls to fetch their vehicle of choice, and off they go! This works best for us if I can sort into piles and fold while the girls are napping or sleeping.  Then I simply load in one pile at a time (pants, shorts, socks…) and send them off to put the clothes away.  Here they have a couple friends along for the ride!  Little Love is 5 now and can do this independently.  For now I follow our one year old and help her put the clothes in the correct place.

Simple Laundry Hack
Simple Laundry Hack

On days that I’m not quite so put together, I simply sit on the floor and feverishly fold and sort while they run back and forth for more clothes!  A bit chaotic, but it still gets the job done!

Simple Laundry Hack

I am working on our hanging clothes process.  Of course, I hang up all of Littlest Love’s clothes.  But Little Love and I usually sit on her bed and tackle this together.  I keep all of their empty hangers in a basket on the floor of their closet. (You can see the basket on the floor in this pic).  Surprisingly they mostly stay put!  This way they can just drop the empty hanger in the basket after they get dressed.

A little motivation...

I am still fine tuning our chore system, a part of our homeschooling routine I really want to get down!  I do have a simple and effective sticker chart system that, for the time being, is motivating to them both! (spoiler: the best motivator for our family is a movie night!)  More on that later.  I do think it is important to have some sort of motivation in place for kids.  After all, I frequently bribe myself with a chocolate chip cookie!

Simple Laundry Hack

There you have it!

I hope this simple laundry hack gave you some ideas that may help you tackle the laundry beast!  Do you have any tricks that help your family survive laundry day? I’d love to hear them!  Leave me a comment below!

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