Nature walks: 3 tips for beginners

We did it!  We went on our first nature walk today.  Something I desire to incorporate weekly into our homeschool routine.  To be honest, I am not a huge “outdoor person.”  Except for in autumn!  So nature walks seem daunting to me.

After teaching in the public school system for seven years, and being a product of that system myself, it can be difficult for me to relax and just let learning happen.  I figured a nature walk would be the perfect place to start loosening up as we begin homeschooling. Here are some simple practices that helped us get started…

Tip #1: Bring a camera

Little Love (5 years old) was so excited to be out in nature and just looking at all the sights around her.  She took pictures of anything and everything that seemed interesting to her.  Mostly trees, leaves, grass, etc.

Tip #2: Bring a magnifying glass

I picked up a magnifying glass from the Dollar Tree to bring along. Unfortunately I totally forgot for our first walk. But I think she will really enjoy getting to see all of her discoveries close up!

I tried to help her slow down and notice little differences in the trees we were seeing.  The shape of the leaves and the color of the bark.  That leads me to my next tip…

Tip #3: Buy a nature journal

I picked up a small unicorn journal a few weeks ago while I was grocery shopping.   We will be using this journal strictly for nature walk drawings and reflections for whatever Little Love desires, but also nature journaling! (Hehe…)  On our walk we picked a few leaves and made leaf rubbings in her journal when we got back home.  She also looked back at the pictures she took and chose her favorite.  I helped her to make a sketch of what she saw in the picture.  


nature walk

Littlest Love was along for the ride in my Ergo carrier.  She took care of Simba (the stuffed animal who currently joins us on all of our adventures) while we walked and observed. 

I have much to learn and grow in as we include nature walks in our homeschool week.  But I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent outdoors with my girls (despite the intense southern heat!).  We will certainly be doing this again!

Do you and your family go on nature walks?  Tell me about some of your favorites below!


Make sure to note which day is trash day if you live in a neighborhood!  Unfortunately our second nature walk was a very stinky one 😉

nature walk tips

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